Friday, May 14, 2010

This is it ...

Oh gosh, look at that tummy ... and that hiney!!!!!
this picture is the confirmation that my body has exploded around me .. that the last couple months of fooling myself into thinking I was looking okay was just that, fooling myself.  That now it's time to get my head right and get my weight right and start doing something serious about this.

I called earlier this week and have an appointment to visit Curves next Tuesday!

I dropped a good few kilos at the start of the year, but in all honest, found lots of comfort in the vending machine that sits almost outside my office, since my daughter left.  I think I fooled myself into thinking I was coping with her departure, but in all honesty, found myself diving into sugar and chips for comfort. 

I still don't talk about how I feel about her going ... it's too raw, it's too close to the surface.  But I'm suffering for the way I've been eating ... besides the weight gain, I'm having terrible indigestion and acid attacks .. they're not pleasant. 

This picture is the proof - the time has come!!!

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