Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little shopping spree

Yesterday I decided to get a few items for my winter wardrobe (remember, I'm in the southern hemisphere, so we're just going into winter now) and more specifically, my weekend wardrobe ... with only two pairs of jeans, it's a case of slim pickin' right now. 

I got the following :

Skinny flared jeans by Kelso at Edgars (Not sure though, but I think my already large hiney may look larger in em)
Blue and green checked shirt by Merien Hall at Edgars

Brown polo neck from Truworths.  Grey (wear over) jersey from Truworths
and a grey and black striped three quarter sleeve t-shirt material top and
Two pairs of socks

Then today at lunch time I took another walk and ended up at Truworths and left with the following

Brown 'cargo' pants by Ginger Mary from Truworths.  Denim skirt and a gorgeous cream coloured, cable knit pullover ... just delightful and going to come in real handy this weekend as we're off to Clarens which is a village in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains for the weekend ... I'm quite looking forward to it ... the children and I will drive down tomorrow after school and G-man will head out with the other bikers in the morning.  It's postcard pretty down there but I believe rather cold at this time of year.  Still the Golden Gate National park is just down the road, there are gorgeous old buildings, mountains ... mmmm mountains, I love mountains.

So until I get back and have had a chance to try out all my new clothes ... have a fabulous weekend - still missing my Miz T though, who I almost forget to mention let me know that she passed her Drivers licence and got her work permit ... so she's thrilled and things State-side are coming together for her now.

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