Tuesday, May 4, 2010


as the office day is drawing to a close ... I'm feeling unmotivated to do my usual dash out the door t home.  I usually leave the office promptly at 16:00, it's not 16:15 and I am TOTALLY unmotivated.

Sometimes, the reality of certain things bites ... sometimes, little hurts mount a little quicker than I realised and I want to curl up in a cocoon and just rest ... where no one is needing me, expecting me, demanding of me.

I want to lie down on my daughters bed and have a chat with her ... I miss her.  People ask me often "how's she doing over in the States" and I answer telling them the latest ... and today, I wanted somebody, anybody, to ask me 'how you doing since she's gone'?  But the reality is that I may have a complete meltdown.

I'm sad, I'm disillusioned, I'm hurting inside.

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  1. Aw...there's just a void there at home where she used to be, isn't there? It's obvious you love your daughter a lot.

    This is new stage in your life - and you need to celebrate that (even though you're sad now) by doing something new. I love that you are joining Curves (just read that post) - good for you! Taking charge of your body and your health will really help.

    Thank you again for your kind words about my cat Othello on my blog - I really appreciate it.



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