Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shopping ... shopping ... shopping

We had a fairly hectic morning ... dropped big-guy off for his psychometric testing and headed off to look for the fridge we'd seen on special.  Sadly, some long story about the supplier not supplying which had us turn and leave the store empty handed ... no sir, we are not settling for a fridge where the freezer is on top!  G-man is 6"3 and will be knocked out if the freezer is on top.  I'm not keen on a side by side - so we'd decided we want the Samsung, where the freezer is at the bottom ... now if only we could find it in stock! 

Litte man scored 4 comics using the money Grandad sent for Christmas!  Miss Boo has been in luck ... two pairs of pumps last night and a cute pair of demin shorts today.  She was looking ueber cute as well and I'm sorry I did not get a photo of her cute outfit this morning.  Suddenly, she's really thinking twice about what he adorns her body with and it's so cute to see this butterfly being born.

After doing piles of laundry once we got home, we headed to Builders Warehouse ... for what you may ask?  Well, "just because" G-man said.  We left with a gorgeous new light for the kitchen (pictures to follow), news cushions for the lounge and a mirror for big-guys room.  Seems the boy now feels he needs to 'check my look in the mirror' as well.

I got a funky pair of brown sandals ... my other pair are driving me nuts as the strap slips off and I feel as though I'm wearing slip-ons - and I'm so bummed as I absolutely love the old pair ... I paid a whole R90 for them when G-man and I went down to Durban in July 2008 and all the women I know just love them.  Also indulged in a purple cardigan and striped long sleeve pull-over from Pick 'n Pay.  Best part, the brand that Pick 'n Pay sells here is one sold in Target.  How I wish we had a Target here, I just loved the store when I visited the States.

Tomorrow we're off to the Homemakers Fair ... I'm quite excited.  We have some specific areas to visit and I'm hoping there are some good deals to be had.  Just loving that our home is taking shape and starting to 'fit'.

Check my look in the mirror/wanna change my clothes my hair my face - Dancing in the Dark, Bruce Springsteen

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