Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paying it forward on Valentine's Day

G-man and I had a few hours to ourselves as the little people were at their Gran, so we headed off to the local Mall for brunch.

While sitting watching the people and fashions go by, which is an all time favourite pastime of mine, an older couple made their way into the restaurant we were at. 

G-man was facing them and then said to me that he wanted to pay their bill.  He asked our waitress to call the manager over and when the manager got there, he commented that we had visited their restaurant at least 5 times and that the food was excellent each time.  You could see the managers chest puff out at the compliment, but it was the look of disbelief when G-man said he wanted to pay the older couples bill that really amazed me. 

It spread like wild fire through their staff compliment and we noticed the waiters and waitresses looking us over.  Our waitress came over and said we were special people and what a wonderful gesture.  It wasn't done for recognition, it was just a couple whom we've never met, but something about them made him think of his parents and at the moment, I believe he misses them at times and it was a way of reaching out and giving back.

I mentioned Pay it Forward and he'd never heard of it, but I see him 'pay it forward' so often and I know that's why he's so incredibly blessed. 

It's those little moments that make my heart swell the most and its these days they remind me why I love him.

Have I told you lately that I love you - Rod Steward

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