Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ten Second Compliment

Beauty is Within : Choose love and care for your body
This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I thought about an email I received earlier this week and the title was 'there are no ugly women, just poor women'. There were photos of about 8 - 10 women from before and after their cosmetic surgeries. Sure, they all look like Miss Worlds and as I looked at myself in the mirror with toothpaste dripping down my chin, grey hairs smiling on the top of my forehead and crows feet around my eyes, of course I wondered how I'd turn out if I had unlimited cash to remodel my body, or if my mom had allowed me to straighten to my teeth when I was 15 ... guess anyone could look 33 instead of 43 ... and then this little voice said "But Sassy, you're fine just the way are" ... "the grey hairs are part of the aging process, the wrinkles are signs of your life ... a life I've lived and loved in".  So yes, if I had the money tomorrow, filling in some of the cracks would still tempt me, but all in all, I think I'm not doing too badly - I'm learning at this age to simply love me, wrinkles and dimples 'n all.

Then this morning I read this linked post and found them along the same vein ... and my 10 second compliment to myself for today ...

I have great eyes!  I like them, they smile, they change colours and few people notice them, cause they never get close enough to :-). 

Read the linked post and then share your 10 second compliment.

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