Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tackle It! Tuesday

Some things I need to get done :
  • Don't kill anyone today... it was close but I managed to keep my hands blood-free
  • Call Andre and get a hair appointment Yes, not 110% happy, but it's neater
  • Find an idea of how to cut the mop  Found the idea, same as last time ... lol
  • Web design work for MP - URGENT! ... could not get onto net, then had to give up pc for G-man to do his tax return
  • Do some work on my personal website which is looking awful  - Did not get around to it
  • Finishing sewing my blind for boys bathroom - maybe tonight
  • Buy new 2010 diary
  • Keep warm.
 ... all this after a day at the office.

Hope your Tuesday is Terrific.


  1. You have a website? Besides this one?

  2. Isn't it great to cross things off a list? I always feel such a sense of accomplishment.


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