Wednesday, November 18, 2009


See list below that was ticked off ... still got to get the 'urgent' work done.

Had Andre my take quite a bit off the back and am hoping it was not too much, because of 'bad' days or rush days, I often just clip my hair up or put it in a ponytail, however, I don't think it's going to work now. 

Got myself a John Maxwell diary.  A different choice since for the last two years I've used the Joyce Meyer diary.  Guess it was time for a change.  Had bought one, but had rotting watermelon juice spill on it, so I had to get another one, but this time, I went for the smaller one with a zipped over ... nice, all my little papers and notes should be safer this time.

Yes Miss Judi, have a website and will share the link once it looks decent.  With the move and all the craziness I have not done work on it.  Need to get it going a.s.a.p.

Otherwise, not much else ... chilli weather for spring time in Africa ... nice and toasty 14DegC outside ... just doesn't make sense.

Have a great day ...

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  1. Rotting watermelon juice spill? That sounds kind of stressful to have all over a book!! Much worse than when I spill tea on papers at work...


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