Friday, November 20, 2009

An old friend ...

At times I find myself between two worlds ... between the christian and esoteric worlds ... attraction to the new age world for me has been an issue for a few years now.  When I first dabbled in new age in late teens and early twenties, I had no idea what it really was, but I was a flighty one, interested in religions and new thoughts.  I spent time reading L. Ron Hubbard and a good few hours with some of his followers, I visited with the Hare Krishna's, I was attracted to the world of palmistry and tarot cards and the likes, read about various religions and visited different churches ... in fact I was searching.  Searching for answers to the anger, sadness, disappointment, the feeling inside ... not sure I'm done searching or closer to an answer.

It never really bothered me, it never really occured to me that some of what I was dabbling in was 'un-christian' ... it seemed so easy, so natural, be good, be kind, help others, speak encouragement, harm no one and on and on and on ... and in honesty, it's not that far off of christianity, so the lines can be and are blurred at times.

And right now, I've found myself surfing sites and blogs and so many of them are esoteric, and still, they seem so comfortable, like hanging out with an old friend who knows you well.

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  1. I agree that anything that teaches that you be nice and considerate of others is a good thing to learn!


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