Monday, November 23, 2009

Permission to Pray?

As Christians, or spiritual being who believe in 'a' concept of God, do we need to ask those wish to pray for, for permission to pray for them?

I'm perplexed by this - are we not called to pray for one another, to support one another, to love another ... why then are we asking others for permission to pray for them?

Is our prayers not between us and God - unless you're on the street corner like the hypocrites shouting your prayers?

Anyone got an answer for me?


  1. There are people I pray for everyday that have no idea I pray for them. If, however, I "see" someone struggling, I will ask them if I can pray with and/or for them, meaning an out loud prayer, I would pray for them in my daily prayers anyway. Some people are uncomfortable with prayer so it would only be as a courtesy to them and their comfort level.

  2. Yes, I too pray for a lot of people without their knowing. I remember my last boss was an atheist, and often talked loudly at work about how she felt about those of use who were religious. Totally inappropriate.

    One time she said she'd read a study that cancer patients who had people pray for them were no better off than those who did not. She said, "Don't anybody pray for me!"

    Ever since then, I've prayed for her every single day.


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