Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Probably an odd title for a post, but when I don't come here with something exact on my mind to 'talk' about, I look down at my hands of the keyboard and think .. as I was looking down at them I took a wee moment to 'admire' (something I seldomly do) my nails. Why admire your nails you may ask? Well, I have thyroid challenges and if you know of thyroid challenges (besides weight gain, hair loss, dry skin etc.) you may know that the nails of thyroid sufferers are usually weak and peel and split easily - way too easily!

I have been using Calcium Gel by Justine (South African product and company)and it has worked amazingly well. After about 15 years of not being able to grow my nails longer than a mm, they are almost a half cm ... reason to celebrate. Anyways, if you're curious, contact me I'll tell you more about the product ... it's amazing and a great seller for me as a consultant to boot.

In other news ... the house is coming along well. I will eventually post more photos of my flikr account. Just need to get myself up the stairs and get the pics downloaded and then I can post. We do little things every weekend. This past weekend the boys and G-man sanded and spray painted their side tables. This weekend, weather permitting, I hope we can get their beds painted. I still need to finish of Jazzie's side table as I need to glue the 'top' on. Doesn't make sense, but once it's done and you see pics you'd understand.

After work, I want to stop by Mr. Price and see if they have bathroom mat sets and towels for the boys bathroom. Also saw an ad for denim scatter cushions which I think would look good in Jazzie's bedroom, but don't remember which store it was from ... luckily they're all close by so I can check all three of them out.

Well, not much else from me ... hanging in, looking after my health and oh yes, must show a pic of my maine coon kitty who was shaved. He looks so cute.


  1. Hey, glad the house is coming along nicely!

  2. And also, I have really weak toenails. It's never occurred to me that it might be due to a systemic problem..maybe I'll try to see if that stuff you use is available in the U.S....


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