Wednesday, July 29, 2009

... mushy mush ...

Last night G-man and I went down to the house to sort through the mound of keys we were given by the previous owners ... as we were leaving, he asked me to see if the sensor light on the garages were working ... as I walked towards the garage, I saw he'd painted G & W on the wall with the tester paint we'd bought ... I took a picture. I wanted to put it on 'paper' that it made my heart all mushy mush - I wuv you G-man ... to infinity and beyond ... even when I don't show it, when I'm throwing wobblies because of my family, or because the kids have pissed me off and even when I'm a totally unlovable pms-ing Itchy_B - I love and appreciate you and all you are and all you do for me each and every single day - sometimes it's just hard to show it.

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