Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This 'n that and the other

The house transfer is through. We collected our keys last week Monday. The people from whom we purchased are, well, umm, dirty and of the worst diy crowd of clowns ever. I don't know, when we double checked every property, that we missed so much with this house. Were we simply tired? Frustrated? Feelin' the pressure? What the heck! But, all is not bad, but 99% of everything in the house needs to be fixed. The kitchen cupboards 'drag' on the rim above, the geysers are not installed correctly! The motor on the garage door is broken. The curtain railings are all rusted and warped. It's just an unbelievable second grade job on everything ... but still, there's a glimmer of hope within that we did not buy a complete lemon. I'm hanging in there and keeping positive. Every door, every cupboard door needs to be sanded and painted. The insides of the cupboards, the window frames, window sills, skirtings, cielings ... ack. If I'd seen this couple before we made the offer I'd never have bought their home!!!
We have hired a painter to start tomorrow. He has commited to completing the job by the 14th. This will give us time to move and clean up at the house we're renting. I'm stressed. I'm waking at 4am every morning .. if it were warm I'd get up and do something constructive, but it's just so cold that at 4 am that I dash to the loo and dash back to bed.
So, hows your stress levels?

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