Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bruised ...

I just went onto facebook and found that a friend from my previous life had sent me a friend request. I gladly accepted as he's incredibly special to me, so much so, that he's one of the few non related men I truly consider family.
So I browsed around his profile and went to look at his photos, and for a few moments, a rush of emotions crashed over me ... surprising how they catch you off guard so unexpectedly. I am so happy with life right now (well almost all the parts of my life) but there are moments, when the loss and disappointment of what was lost rears its ugly head; the dashed dreams, broken heart, muddled feelings and humiliation still can overwhelm me at times. As G-man said earlier this week, there are still bruises - as much as I wanted to deny it, I admit, there are still bruises.
Here's to healing, letting go and getting over ... it's so much better on this side of the mountain!
Love you G-man!!!

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  1. Yeah, Facebook really does give you the chance to go back to childhood and find old friends. I'm glad that you got the good feelings from it! And happiness and nostalgia tinged with sadness aren't bad things.


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