Thursday, June 4, 2009

The waiting game ...

is always the hardest part of any event ... and for us right now, it's the 'long' wait. The bond is approved, monies are being paid and sorted and now the wait until we can move into the house. We opted to move on transfer as our rental where we are is low, so I'm hoping that the transfer happens closer to the end of the notice period, but also that we have time to move without a crazed dash for the finish line.
At least there's lots to keep me busy in the meantime ... firstly watching the spending, secondly packing, tossing and then more packing and making sure the house we're in is in good shape when we leave. We will need to touch up some walls, so I'm going to need to get paint. And paint.
I'm truly excited about our move!! I can finally have a scrapbooking space ... and my own closet again!!!
Have a fab day

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  1. Awesome! It's tough being in limbo, but when it's all over it will be such a relief.


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