Monday, April 20, 2009

Ordinary everyday

I'm working at getting the blog set up on my website, but it may take a while considering how slow I've become ... so that's my excuse for not posting and I'm sticking with it :-)
Been doing great in myself, after a few rants earlier, I have to say, despite the fact that I have not lost one single solitary kilogram, I've been making a point of looking after myself, of thinking my outfits through instead of just throwing something on, of doing my hair instead of clipping it up (I got real lazy with that and hardly ever styled it) - basically, some 'self love' and it's been doing me the world of good. I'm feeling so much better about me ... almost found my sexy too :-)
Now, to just add some exercise into the deal and things may get sizzling around these parts ... rotflol.
So, I will eventually get all the parts together and get the site up and then I may just blog a little more often, but that's not a promise.
Have yourself a 'sassy sexy' day, til the next time.

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  1. Self love is great! It's what I always do, and strangely, when I focus more on that than the weight loss, it's when I actually lose weight!


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