Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long lost blog post ... with photos

Wow – it’s been a while huh? For those who do come by, sorry! Just been busy and not much time, maybe a little wane of interest there for a few days. Seems to happen, such is life.

We’ve been busy! Not rushed off your feet busy, but busy. Easter was good, the girls went on Church camp, the boys were home, we did a ride with
Think Bike to Goblin’s cove – such an unusual, quaint place. Really expected to see Fairies dancing around. The food was stunning! The company, interesting. The ride, lovely.

We also rode out to Graceland Casino in Secunda. That ride was tiring thanks to the road being horrendous, but what made up for the lack of road quality, were the fields of Cosmos. They were picturesque. Beautiful. Simply, beautiful.

Besides those rides, we’ve spent many hours in the car driving around looking for and at houses. It’s been interesting. The prices are hectic and some of the houses don’t make sense.

Tequila, Miz T’s dog had 4 puppies. Cute little bundles of fluff they are. We have found homes for two. But, need to get them out my house soon as we’re growing a little attached to them. Bandit (featured here) went to my nephew, he’s my fave and at least I’ll still get to see the little critter.

My cat has disowned me! He’s now G-man’s cat. He seems to only tolerate me now, not that he was overly tolerant before G-man, but he no longer talks me. He doesn’t sleep on me. Only time he does ‘talk’ to me, is when he’s V.E.R.Y. hungry. I guess it’s true, you’ll just never understand a cat.

This whole entry feels disjointed, lifeless, like its documentation and I just don’t know why. Maybe cause I’m rushing, maybe cause I’m simply posting for the sake of it. I’ve been ‘writing’ bits ‘n pieces, but never get around to finish them, let alone publish. But I wanted to say, I’m still here, I’ll get back into this. Don’t leave me now ;-)

My niece is getting married next month!!! I’m so not ready for all this - but such it is. It’s her pamper party on Saturday, just the girls and I will be going. The boys will be spending the afternoon with G-man doing something boyish and then going to the biker pub for a couple of beers they will fetch us and we’ll have dinner and spend the evening watching TV or something like that.

I think I’ve started censoring my blog, there’s things I want to say and talk about, but G-man reads this here blog, so I have to be careful like … like I want to tell you about my fears, joys, the wild sexual adventures, but he’ll blush … rotflol. I’m kidding. I’ve never discussed my wild sexual adventures and am not about to either.

Still, there are things I think twice about sharing here. Things I’m not sure he’d like published. Things he may think are personal, or too personal to divulge here. It’s weird, I’m censored anyways, I think twice about each post. I have posts in my folder (cause I type them up in word first), that never get published, because I don’t know how others would feel about them. I read blogs that air all their dirty laundry and sometimes I feel really uncomfortable and I guess that’s what makes me think twice about what I put ‘out’ there. There are many posts about my teenage daughter and some of the things that she’s done and said and the arguments we have and I’m sure she’d hate for me to publish them – but it’s those things that make up my life. It’s those things that I wish I could share.

Mother Nature is providential. She gives us twelve years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers.
~William Galvin

But let me say this … it’s been a month since I slept alone in my bed. A month of waking up every morning and being cuddled and kissed, of being held before I sleep … and it’s awesome. I think most often I’m more surprised, surprised and awed – when we started chatting, I sure never thought it’d go further, least of all this far … you just never can predict what life is going to do, how it’s going to turn and twist.

And in other news – I’ve been at the game of quitting smoking – A.G.A.I.N. I know I don’t need to smoke - I’ve consciously deal with that, I know I’m no longer addicted, but at times, man it’s seems there’s nothing better to do, more fulfilling or satisfying than having a smoke. How do you break that part? I think that’s the real addiction, when you’ve dealt with the nicotine, it’s the habit, the park off and smoke part. But, I’m hanging in there and on the days when the ‘want’ is stronger than the ‘want not’ I have one, and you know what, I don’t have to smoke three or four or fifteen. Just one, and it takes the edge off and honestly, if I were addicted, I’d be doing the fifteen.

And for your viewing pleasure ... a rare photo of me taken on Good Friday at Goblin's Cove

(if only it would work 'n allow me to upload ... lol)

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  1. Oh My Goodness... what a nice catch up! been wondering how you are. The kids are LOOKING great (as well as you!)

    Sometimes I totally miss our daily chats; and see I know you would totally share your WSA with ;).... But, needless to say, the picture you posted of G-Man said it for you anyway. Ha. (hope that didn't make him blush)


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