Thursday, March 27, 2008

What hurts more?

Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again,
skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts.
~Author Unknown

This morning as I was leaving for work, I somehow managed to fall down the stairs. It’s just four or five steps off the patio. I don’t know if my shoe hooked, or I misjudged a step, but I fell flat off the blasted stairs. Big bumps on both shins, scratched the cellphone as it was in my hand and it went straight into the paving.
Not sure if the handbag helped to ease the fall or not … but what hurt more, was little Master J looking at me all concerned and asking if I was staying home and, having to tell him no, Mommy can’t. In the past couple weeks, the lil one’s have asked often if I’m off for their holidays, home for the day – and it’s when things like this happens that I think maybe they miss me being around.
Maybe, just maybe, it’s been a bigger adjustment for them than I wanted to acknowledge. And, I get mad all over again at K, mad that it’s their lives that have been disrupted, their safe and secure little worlds rocked … but, I wouldn’t want my old life back for anything. Still, there are times when I miss being home with them so badly. I miss being there when they come in from school, making their lunch, having them around all afternoon. I just miss ‘em.

So now, a good few hours later, my 'everything' is sore and achy ... the legs don't look too bad, but man, I could just sleep ... lol ... thanks Schatz for being there this morning.


  1. I'm sorry that happened. That's so something I would do.

  2. Youch! Hope you're feeling less sore today.
    I got all emotional reading about you wanting to be home with the kids again. It has to be hard. I don't know what else to say besides HUGS HUGS and HUGS!


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