Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What I love ...

Been cruising this morning and seen quite a few of these … love the common threads.
So here’s mine …

New Years eve and the possibilities a new year holds. Hearing my children giggle. Listening to Miss T cooking dinner. Clean linen on Wednesdays. Fresh towels on Sunday. The smell of clothes in the dryer. The feeling of flour between my fingers.

The smell of bread straight out the oven. The taste of a perfectly roasted chicken. Ice cream, when it’s cold. Freshly brewed coffee. Coffee made by our Coffee-bean.

Mein Schatz’s voice, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freemans too. Email. A note in the post. Birthday cards. Just because cards. Presents wrapped with bows. Surprises.

Measuring out ingredients. Kneading bread. Clean bathrooms. Doing the laundry – even though I complain about it. Looking at old photos. Enjoying the memories of old photos. Pretty paper. Bright paper. Scrapbooking embellishments. Ribbon and lace. The feel of leather and cashmere. Boots and high heeled shoes. How smooth my legs feel after I shave.

Having my hair cut. Lists – to do lists and shopping lists. Notes from my children. Love notes. A breeze that carries the sound of happiness. The beach at sunrise. Waves breaking. My children saying, “Love you Mom”. The feel of my schatz’s skin. Homemade soup and bread. Cookies straight out the oven. Having my back rubbed. The sound of my kitty purring. Watching children make sandcastles. Seeing a parent holding a little persons hand. The sound of thunder and grey clouds sulking in the sky.

Being wrapped in my Schatz arms. The feel of his hair just before he shaves it all off. The sound of his bike. The feeling of freedom when we travel of his bike. The sound of us and we instead of you and me. The first cup of coffee in the morning. Sharing memories. Learning something new. Jeans that feel like they’re made just for me. Comfy trackpants.

Putting of mascara. Spiced Gold and Lemonade with lots of crushed ice. Church bells. Quotes. Poetry. Words that make you think. Words that challenge. Crosswords. Love letters. Sharp scissors. Pens. Pretty handwriting. Red wine on a real cold evening.

Laughing. Sharing silliness with the kids. Laughing uncontrolably. Watching my schatz clean his bike. Hearing water running. Water running down my back. Ferns. Inca lilies. Roses. Flowers in a vase. The roses as you come through our gate. Mountains in spring. Fresh mountain water. Butter brezen (say it ala German).

Lying in bed listening to the rain. Breakfast in bed after 10. Afternoon naps. Pizza. Pasta. Munich. Freising. Teddy bears with character. My teapot made by Miss T. Paintings. Red. Stationery stores and great gadgets. Hugs from my children. Finding the perfect pair of shoes. Milkshakes and cream soda floats. Cappuccinos. Great books. Books that leave me thinking for days after I’m done reading them. Talking with my best friend. Surprise visits. Birthdays. Getting unexpected wishes.

Travelling. Seeing new cities. Hearing new languages. Discovering an awesome little shop. Home decorating magazines. Oprah magazine. Holding hands with mein Schatz. Creating Keepsakes magazine. Hand made cards. My camera. Apples. Apple Pie with lots of cinnamon. Custard. Old buildings. Dilapidated houses and stone houses.

Discussions. Feeling inspired. Scrapbooking a great photo. Valleys. Watching birds go about their business. My kitty when he stretched out on the pillows, his nose and aloofness. Coming home to Tequila. The smell of puppy breath. The taste of G-man’s kisses. Tiramisu. Iced coffee. Christmas decorations. Chestnuts roasting when its real real cold. Seeing a blue blue sky when the snow is white white white. Horse carriages. Steam trains and fast cars. Motor bikes with attitude and a roar to go with it. Seeing the other side of bikers. Knowing that the mean looking dude on the big bike is a big softie, and he’s mine.

Fresh strawberries and cream. Knowing my children are proud of their school marks. Master J’s freckles and Master L’s big brown eyes. Watching Master J do something thoughtful when he thinks no one is watching. Watching Miss T doing Math. Hearing Miss C singing and seeing her do her model walk down the passage. The way her ponytail sways.

I love clothes and finding an outfit that always makes me feel great when I wear it. The swarovski heart pendant I wear. My bangles and the sound they make. The sound of wind chimes and claxtons. Hearing “I love you” and knowing it’s meant. The learning what someone else likes. The idea of a house on the ‘koppie’. Believing that I’ll always wake up next to G-man. Knowing that I’ll love him forever – no matter what, no matter how much he doubts this. His handwriting. His sense of humour. How serious he can pretend to be.

Curling up in a big chair. Listening to music and lyrics that speak to my soul. Sad movies. Happy endings. The promise of Spring. The beauty of Autumn leaves. Driving down country lanes with tree tops forming a canopy above. Curry wurst und pommes. Tomatoes, basil, olive oil and olives.

Being alive.

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  1. It's fun to do, no? I had to stop myself because my list was seemingly endless. Helped me improve my mood.


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