Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning - "ing"

I'm following on from Ali, who was inspired by this at Cathys, who was inspired by Elise - with us rounding up August, I have some 'ings' if my own.

Creating a blueprint for the way I intend living my life in future
Believing that my dream above is attainable
Loving the atmosphere in our home
Enjoying the first signs of Spring
Adjusting to being the only women in our home
Preparing to visit the UIF offices tomorrow
Searching for props for future photo shoots (see Creating and Believing above)
Dreaming of all the future shoots I'll be doing
Studying in order to be the best I can be (which included completing the module I'm on today)
Wearing tons of casual outfits
Redefining my personal style
Decluttering in order to create freedom
Simplifying so that I can enjoy more
Thanking the encourages and supporters
Drinking lots water
Wanting a few blog design
Eating very unhealthily and need to get back on track
Surfing for somewhere to spend the long weekend at the end of September.

What are your 'ings'.

Have a fabulous happy day now.


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Have a fabulous day now and I'll be coming round to visit you as soon as I can.

Thanks again, Wendy