Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Denim, Paisley and rolling grey clouds

Denim shirt, Pearl necklace, Statement necklace
 Necklace : Truworths | Watch : Diva | Ring : American Swiss

Denim skirt, Paisley Skirt, Two tone shoes, Grey cap toe shoes
 Shirt : Chinese Store | Skirt : Truworths | Shoes : Rage | Belt : Woolworths

We woke up to gorgeous grey, cloudy skies this morning. The clouds were heavily pregnant with the promise of rain. Driving into the office I watched as clouds gobbled up the Hillbrow Tower and it promised to rain for most of day - but it drizzled on and off. The rain finally arrived just before it was time to head on home which had people dashing out of the office in the hopes of racing ahead of the rain. Lucky for me, I seemed to be between the storm as Courteney said it rained so hard before I got home it looked like it was hailing.

With the weather turning chilly I made an adapted version of the Tupperware Curry Chicken Casserole which went down a treat in our house.  I think we're all ready for soups, stews and curry weather.
I'm happy to report that my coats are at the ready should the weather become colder.


  1. I was really happy not to have to do the peak hour traffic this afternoon with the weather as it was.

    OMGoodness!!!!! I LOVE your skirt! and the denimn compliments it marvellously.

  2. It is hard to believe your weather is opposite as you live in the Southern hemisphere while we are waiting for spring!

    Gorgeous outfit and I love your photos! Do you have a new camera?

    Lady of Style

  3. Wendy, I think this is one of my fav outfits of yours! You look so pretty, and the paisley skirt with denim is surprisingly perfect together! The shoes are yes yes yes, too! :)

  4. I love this beautiful skirt, Wendy. You look very feminine and ladylike!


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