Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teal shirt and the Monday manicure

I am a day behind and I did not even photographs of yesterday's look.   But on Sunday I did paint my nails and toenails ... and I have not even worn sandals yet.

(oops about the blurry photo but my Schatzie has bad morning shakes and with it being school holidays, my usual photographer was still snuggled under her blankies when these pics were being taken)
This shirt was a sale find at Legit some months back (this is the first time I've worn it) and with it being a little cooler today I thought it high time I showed it off.   I love the detail over the shoulders but I forgot to photograph it. However,  it is a little visible at the top.
The details:
Shirt and necklace : Legit
Pants and shoes : Truworths
Belt : Edgars


  1. Pretty colours on your nails!!! The colour and design of the shirt is lovely.

  2. Very beautiful shirt, and I love the necklace with it!

  3. I love the gold and leapord print accessories!
    Lots of love.... Your little girl hehehe.....


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