Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leopard print on leopard print

Before you go any further I need to hear your growl. 
Leopard print on leopard print
This leopard print on leopard print outfit (which I think looked so much better in person) attracted lots of compliments today - it felt good - cause lets be honest here, if you don't like a compliment, why on earth are you publishing your images?  I love a compliment and I love giving compliments just as much as I like receiving them.
The shade of this cardigan is blue as below and not the green tinge to it as above.  At first I was hesitant about wearing the leopard print shoes, I thought it wouldn't work - but I put on of these one and one of my blue Bronx sandals on and without a doubt, this pair of shoes won and luckily too as my tootsies are still not painted!

 I ended up wearing my pumps, which I wear when driving, when I reached the store.  My feet were just too tired for anymore heels.

I bumped into my sister Norma, which I do often at the shopping centre up the road, and we had a quick coffee together.  I love having a coffee and a chat after work - it reminds of blkhm (before love, kids, husbands and marriage) when my girlfriends and I would meet after work and plan out evenings out.  Just for a few minutes I get to be 'just Wendy'. 

Hope your day was stunning - remember to drop me a comment - I'd love your feedback and thoughts on my outfits and suggestions of how to improve.


  1. Oh my gosh is this a smashing outfit!!!
    Fabulous..and the shoes, WOW!

  2. Even your shoes match! Terrific outfit!!

  3. That outfits looks killer!!! The shoes go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.


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