Monday, March 4, 2013

Black on Monday!

Its not my fault - y'all know about my attempt at not wearing black on Mondays, but since we were asked to due to a Road show at work, I did.

We were also given Corporate shirts to wear for today, which I'm not the biggest fan of.  I tried a few different ways to wear it.  I tried a few different belts, first a black, then a grey, then a leopard print and they looked odd.  I then threw the idea out the window as I was running out of time and I really should have tried it on yesterday. 
Skirt : Truworths | Shirt : Corporate wear | Shoes : Rage
 It was interesting to see how the different women at the office styled theirs.  I'd have loved a picture of each of them with the shirt one - one wore it unbuttoned with a tank top underneath and an animal print scarf - another wore it belted and the different accessories had different effects ... it was interesting.
Necklace : Justine cosmetics | Ring : Truworths | Bangles : Various
But what really fascinated me even more than the different ways the ladies styled their shirts, was the number of people who did not wash and iron the shirt before wearing them.  I found that really odd.  


  1. I think this is very pretty...simple and classic look.

  2. I bet you had the best outing of the corporate shirt, which looks fabo in these pictures with all the bling, as do you!

  3. I like that shirt ~ and it is interesting to see how differently people wear the same thing.


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