Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas, New Year and all that jazz

Sorry I've been scarce and not visiting, commenting or popping by, but I've been having serious and frustrating computer issues which seem to be almost sorted out ... say Hallelujah!  I can visiting on my phone, however commenting has proven to be a near impossibility.

I'm also about to leave the big city for a few days and 'chillax' ... I am really thrilled.

To all my blogging pals ... I hope your Christmas was happy, merry, safe and filled with much love, joy and happiness (and all the grand goodies you wished yourself).

We went to my eldest sister for breakfast which was fabulous as its the first time in years that all four us sisters were together on Christmas ... sadly though, my bil Richard did not join us.  Still, nephews, spouses, grandbabies and the like ... it was festive.  I did a fruit platter and platter with cold meats and croissants.

We ended up staying for lunch as well and only got home at about 6pm.  Schatz spoilt me with a pair of shoes, a dress, a beautiful necklace and pendant (which I posted on my instagram) and a torch (yes, a real torch for my photography kit that I requested).

The little people have spent Christmas at their Grandfather with their dad.  They'll return home on the 30th and then we'll have a little Christmas celebration.  From the reports I heard though, they were terribly spoilt.

Here's hoping that the last few days of 2012 are safe and filled with fun.

Catch y'all real soon ... hopefully before 2013.


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