Sunday, December 23, 2012

Calling all the stylistas

Two new to me items : the shoes schatz bought me and a skirt i fell in love with when a collegue wore it in coral and who then kindly picked it up for me at all of R140 from Foschini... the skirt has a frill that runs from the right side seam at my waist across and down to the bottom of the left seam.

I am asking for ideas of what top toc wear ... I really depending on you gals for suggestions ... in advance ... thanks.


  1. Pretty shoes! You could do a lot with that skirt, maybe pretty floral blouses, camis with cardis or cropped blazers, even a form fitting top. Hmmm, I think we need pictures of the tops we have to choose from :)

  2. Both items are very pretty...I commented on those fantastic shoes when you posted yesterday..they are so gorgeous.
    I love the unique skirt. I think you can pair it with many things, but I would stick with a simpler top to highlight the skirt's ruffle.

  3. I am loving those shoes. I agree with the other posts, I would pair it with a simple top-probably one more form fitting.

  4. OOH! A wrap-top. It would give a hint at a hidden life as a dance instructor!


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