Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stripe on stripe

Stripe on stripe with denim
T-shirt : Edgars
Blazer : Truworths
Denim skirt: Fashion Express
Shoes : Legit
Necklace : Miladys
Bracelet : Truworths

I decided to try something a little different with stripes on stripes ... my mother will probably shake her head and tsk tsk as I know that mixing patterns like this is a no-go in her fashion rules.  I at first was going to wear my denim shirt over and tie it in front, but it looked too 'Friday' for a Thursday.

I was rather undecided about my shoes as well ... denim wedges - nope didn't look right, taupe wedges, nope ... so I ended up with the black pumps, they just seemed more businesslike and if you knew how demotivated and dog tired I am, you'd understand that wearing anything too laid back could be detrimental to my performance ... lol.

I had a serious panic this morning when I got to the office!  I had completed all the documentation for Courteneys Immigrant Visa Application, taken the photos and got the Police Clearance Certificate.  I scanned the documents in and sent them to their Dad ... who thankfully noticed that I had not gotten the little lady to sign the application.  I called the Post Office who still had the letter on site and Courts and Schatz were in the center as they were heading to gym ... so the lady kindly allowed her to open the envelope, sign the document and it is now being sent.  My poor head is throbbing as I get really tense when I screw up like this.  I am way overdue for a break!

Here's hoping your day is simply fabulous ... thanks for coming by and do say Hi. 


  1. I like the stripes on stripes, you look nice.

  2. I love the nautical look. Have a happy weekend.

  3. Whew, close one. I am an immigration paralegal so I know!

    You look like a gorgeous Ralph Lauren ad.

  4. I LOVE the Stripes on Stripes Mom, I am not brave enough to dare it!! But I might now looking at you!!

    :)Thankfully it was noticed before it was shipped!!

    I cant wait for you to take a break, think it will be great fun! You need it


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