Sunday, October 7, 2012

Waiting for Betsy

Betsy Chocolate
I finally got around to placing to the order.  Oh goodness, between connections dropping, passwords not working, I was at the point of giving up on this order completely last week.
This morning, being a nice quite Sunday and me placing orders for school books and stationery, I thought I'd give it another try and yippeee ... success at last.
See more images of her here
Yesterday Schatz and I went to the rugby.  Sadly, South Africa lost to New Zealand and I don't think our boys were on form.  Its the first time I've gone to a live match and the atmosphere was great but the people watching was even better.  Some serious characters and the emotions and dang, the screamer behind us ... interesting.  The guy who was sitting in front on me had myself and Leonie in laughter with his emotional outbursts.
All in all, an enjoyable outing.


  1. Nice bag for fall/winter! Love the deep, rich color!

  2. The atmosphere did look fantastic. Pity we lost

  3. I agree -- people-watching is a sport in itself.

    Your blog looks different. Did it get a haircut? :)

  4. :( That was my Christmas Idea you purchased Missy!!!

  5. :( That was my Christmas Idea you purchased Missy!!!


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