Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Puddle hopping weather

As I was commenting on another blog and said 'I wish I could go puddle hopping' ... I was suddenly, momentarily transported back to my school days.  We used to get lots of showers in the afternoon and on my way home from school, some areas the water went out so far into the road that it was impossible to jump over the puddles, so eventually, you'd just slough on through.  Of course, your shoes would be damp for days, but it was such fun, especially if you had a friend walking home with you.

I have a fond memory of Jacqui and I heading home on a Friday and an almight torrent of rain was let loose from the heavens ... between us, we had her huge kitbag as she was spending the weekend and were attempting to stay dry by having the umbrellas up.  We eventually gave up on the umbrella and just walked home through the rain, laughing and giggling and I can add, I was giddy with excitement at the thought of seeing Craig.  When we got home, drenched to the bone with school dresses and hair plastered to ourselves, Craig was waiting for us ... I can still remember how my heart beat faster.  How the feeling of the water running down my legs felt and how he commented that he could hear us from down the road with how much we were laughing.

Ah, puddle hopping days ... such fond memories.


  1. What a fun commentary on Puddle Hopping. Thank you for the uplift!

  2. I love this post...it brought back such fantastic memories of my childhood...getting soaking wet while carrying a umbrella.


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