Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hows your week looking?

Its almost time to head to bed and be ready for Monday ...already.  I dream of having a four day work week and three day weekend.  Doesn't everyone though?
Here's how my weeks looking :
Monday - do my best to make it through the day (without killing anyone at the office), possibly crash on the couch after dinner (my Monday routine) because even when its not too busy, Monday seems to slap me silly and stupid.
Tuesday - Jazz is singing at the Linder Auditorium (had no idea this boy could sing nor what its all about, but I wish I could see it myself)... maybe I'll get to gym since I have not been in about 3 weeks.
Wednesday - Sisters dinner ... wonder where we'll go this month.
Thursday - Schatz and I are going to the movies (if you know me, you'll know its momentus because I don't go to the movies as a rule) to see Searching for Sugarman.  I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. 
Friday - happy happy, another week done and dusted.
Saturday - take my boys downtown to photography them.
Inbetween, I want to attempt to do some decluttering ... the winter funk is lifting and its time to get air through all the corners.  Keep hoping that the new tree survives and that seedlings make it.
Hope your week is fabulous!  Be stylish ... have some fun ... enjoy the season. 


  1. The chicken korma sure smelled good ... I'm sure it is going to taste just as good!
    I would love to experience the Linder Auditorium with Jarod in it!
    Can't wait for dinner on Wednesday! Decluttering is a great idea ~ Good luck.
    Have a great week!!!

  2. I am also in a total declutter Spring type mood!


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