Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olive green and snake skin

Dress : Truworths
Cardigan (not visible) :
Jacket :
Belt :
Shoes : Kelso at Edgars

This look is a little mixture.  A summer dress, a sparkly (thought not visible) cardigan and a utility jacket, held together with a belt.

I did not want to wear anything to fussy or fitted and this outfit fitted the bill, my only issue was that since I was wearing pantihose, my shoes were super slippery and rather uncomfortable.

Big, big earrings ... for some they're small, but for me ... B.I.G.

My old 'satchel' that came back to me after years with my sisters ...  I so love it - although wouldn't mind if it were leather.

I ran across this blog today and it was my first visit at Berlin Hair Baby.  I spent quite some time reading her blog and then I came across this post in particular http://www.berlinhairbaby.com/2011/11/10-things-i-about-germany.html which made me think of 10 things I STILL miss about Germany
1.      The peacefulness of Sundays … no lawn mowers howling from early in the day
2.      Bretzen
3.      Curry Wurst und pommes
4.      The hanging geraniums
5.      Quelle catalogues
6.      My kids being able to ride the bicycles
7.      The sense of security – no insane security measures around your home
8.      The mountains … I truly truly miss the Alps being an hours drive away
9.      Good public transport
10.   Awesome healthcare


  1. Looking good - around here it was so cold today

  2. Cute outfit Miss Wendy ~ Pity we couldn't see the sparkly!

  3. Very cute, very natural. Very you.

    Those earrings really are big!


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