Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Denim day

I mentioned the last time I wore this skirt, how I just love it.  Presently though, the waist is really getting big on me and I think its time I sewed a few darts into the waist.

I love denim with white and red.

The photographer this evening is my son Jazz as G-man is not feeling up to scratch.  He has flu-like symptoms caused by Rhinitis.  Poor thing ...

Skirt : Fashion Express
Top : Truworths (currently on sale)
Shoes : Legit (similar available at Shoe City)
Belt : China Mall
Earrings : Truworths
Bangles : Edgars

Tomorrow should be back to normal with my boss back in the office after he wrote an exam today.  Its also fun time of the month chasing the adults for their month-end report inputs. 

This evening, the sky had a deep and ominous gray colour to it and we were convinced that a huge storm was about to break.  There was some lightining and the lights went out briefly and the wind picked up and some rain fell from the sky .... and that was it.  The threat simpy dissipated - I was disappointed as I do so enjoy a good highveld storm.

Well, it's time for this storm loving gal to head to bed ... hope your day was fabulous .. tomorrow we're on the hump ... enjoy.

Til we meet again .. keep it  Simply Sassy Stylish.


  1. Love your denim skirt. I just found an amazing below-the-knee, high-waisted, pencil skirt at J Crew of all places! I like how you've paired yours with a simple blouse. It's very pretty.

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    The Style Confessions

  2. I have a skirt like that. I think the style is flattering. A lot of denim skirts have a waistband, zipper, bulky belt loops and a button at the waist, which isn't a place I need a lot of extra fabric!

  3. You look fabulous Wendy! I love the shape and style of your skirt, and the pop of red is perfect.

  4. Nice outfit sista!!! Tell Jarod I'm impressed with his photographic skills.


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