Monday, October 10, 2011

Worth visiting

I enjoy visiting Advanced Style, I love seeing the vivacious and stylish older generation.  I don't see why being older should be a reason to become a frump. 

On my latest visit, I read this Meows by Mary.  She's so right.  So very often, and more often lately, I notice ladies walking around with bra's that clearly and obviously, despite being covered by their clothing, are either two sizes too small or too big for them.  I don't know why ladies are so nervous of being measured.  You don't have to stand topless for them to measure you, so what's the problem?

I must admit, it's wonderful seeing pics and knowing that 'the girls' are keep together and perky :-).

But, I have to send you back and again to read Rose's wisdom, at 99, this lady looks amazing and has awesome advise ... I wish she were my Gran.

That's all for the moment folks, I promise to put up and outfit post or two later today (especially for you Nols :-)


  1. I agree, Rose has some fantastic advice. I especially enjoyed the part about being unique. I don't know how many times I've gotten caught up in wanting something because I've seen it on several other people first!

  2. Went and had a look at Rose ... What an amazing lady!!! Lynn (your sister)


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