Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plum frills and lace

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Since I really am wild about my new floral shoes, I simply had to find a reason to wear them again this week, and quite unexpectedly, as this outfit came together today, they made it.  Although Courteney did not think they went well with the rest of the outfit, and she may well have been right, as there are other shoes that may have looked better, the right shade of plum was in the flowers.  Need any more excuses than that?

This skirt you've seen quite a substantial amount of times and when I was first given it, I did not think I'd wear it very often.  I find it quite interesting how often that happens and how often, when purchasing something you think you're going to wear almost weekly, you hardly ever wear it. (Thanks Lynn)

The top I got from Courteney for Christmas.  You can't see the lace detail at the back, because I forgot to take a picture.  Only thing, I forgot how revealing this top is and had to flip it up over "the girls" quite a number of times today.

A little giggle was when one of our collegues from the 15th floor was pushing a chair down the corridor and as he passed by, he looked at the shoes and said 'I like your shoes'.  It's affirmation when a man compliments your outfit or shoes or handbag. 

Skirt : Nada (ex Nedbank corporate wardrobe)
Top - Woolworths
Shoes : Legit
Necklace : Sequel at Miladys
Bracelet : Charlotte Russe


  1. Hahaha....I love those shoes..and the man "story" are right, if they are looking, you must be looking good:)

    I think this outfit rocks!!!

    Statements In Fashion: A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. Very cute! (Does my opinion count?)

  3. I love you in the frilly feminine clothes. I think the shoes looks perfect.

  4. I love your shoes - so pretty and feminine....Lots of love

  5. fantastic post!!!*_*

  6. Your top is neutral, your skirt is neutral, Floral Pumps totally go!!

    Chic on the Cheap


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