Saturday, October 1, 2011

October ... already

 Skirt - Woolworths ( 2007)
Cami & Jacket - Contempo (09/2011)
Belt - Woolworths
Bracelet - Truworths
Shoes - Edgars (2010)

Capris - Contempo
T-Shirt - Edgars
Cardigan - Sasha
Sandals - Truworths

G-man headed off to a Toy Run site visit this morning and when he gets back, we;re taking the boys through to the Rage Expo.  Liam's friend Nicholas is meeting him there.  While they're whiling away their time, schatz and I will do a mall trawl - he so hates it, but he'd rather trawl with me than walk the stalls at the expo with the boys (me too).

Not much else planned - but now I need to dash as the man has just arrived and we'll be leaving in a few minutes.  Catch you later
Be fabulous, Be you


  1. The first outfit is cute. I love the shoes.

    It's nice to hear about your life. Hope you have fun this weekend.

  2. Oh, that animal print maxi skirt is so great! You look like a model in that outfit.

  3. I love the skirt, looks great on you! Cheers!


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