Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clothing personalities

I found the article linked above really interesting. 

They list four body types described as follows :
the A-Frame (pear shape)
the V-Frame (inverted triangle)
the H-Frame (column, rectangle) and
the 8-Frame (hour glass)
Image source Girly Bubble

They say there are six basic clothing personalities :
Natural and
Gamin' (never heard of that up to today)

I do find at times with these types of articles, since I enjoy a bit of everything in clothing and accessorising don't quite have a descriptive word for me.  I'd personally define myself as eclectic, but people only seem to use that word in home decor.  Therefore, with their descriptions I'd describe myself as a mix between the Dramatic and Romantic, part of me longs to be Classic (but I'm just not that demure), but I have this wild child that keeps poking her head out.  I'd also say I'm more of an A-Frame with a little bit of 8-frame just for added complexity.
Dramatic : Marlene Dietrich

I have found that since I do visit a lot more style blogs that I'm a little confused about my own personal style.  As I like a bit of everything, I have found that I've been experimenting more, which I think is the main cause of my confusion, or more precisely indecision over my style.
Romantic : Sophia Loren
(oh, to have those facial features)

I do think I'll migrate back to my more 'classic' type looks with a dash of Drama and a sprinkling of Romance, it's not to say that I'm not going to keep trying out different looks, but .  I have always loved the never-boring pencil skirts, a little fitted with a dash of detail be it pleats or a little slit and a bit of lace to add some sexiness and drama to the overall look ... I used to do the sexy secretary look when I was younger but have toned it down as I've aged a little and as there's few things I dislike more than an overdressed middle-aged lady, especially when it's obvious mutton dressed up as lamb.
So, as we venture off to find ourselves, I hope this is a little helpful in helping you define your clothing personality and setting you off in a good direction.

... 'til the next time ... be Fabulous, be Sassy.


  1. If approached with the right attitude, these articles can be fun to ponder, especially if they open us up to consider new ideas. I have a column body-type and have learned from reading blogs how to create the illusion of curves.

    With style, I don't have one but yours is fairly distinctive. I could recognize you just from the way you dress. Occasionally you try something different and that's fun to watch.

  2. Interesting article. I thought I was dramatic, but I'm not over 5'8", so I thought that none applied to me... and then I got to "gamin".


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