Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How I look after work and a facial

... so don't run away to the hills screaming!  But I have not a stitch of makeup on and I clipped my hair up due to the heat, but decided that since I did not take OOTD pics for ages, I thought I'd best get one quickly before I melt in this heat.

My 'go to' grey skirt made an appearance.  Last night, it was hot here and I just did not have the energy to get into my wardrobe and haul something out, least of all since I knew it would probably need to be ironed first.  So this morning, the first thing I saw was my 'go to'.

I dashed off to Placecol for a facial straight after work, so I have zero make up on, but I feel all shiney and pretty after my facial.  I love having a facial.  Next thing I urgently need to get done is a haircut and colour. 

On Sunday I treated my sisters to High Tea at River Meadow Manor.  I'd found the offer on Groupon and when I saw it, I had to purchase it for us.  It was gorgeous.  The venue is so beautiful and the setting of said venue is so tranquil.  The tea was wonderful ... especially their savoury tart and chocolate brownies.  The main 'house' transported me back to my childhood and what I'll always think of as 'home', my grandmothers house in Glenwood, Durban.  The rooms in the house are so beautiful and the lounge and dining room look amazing.  I'd so love to spend a romantic weekend there.

Not much other news from my little spot ... 'til next time


  1. I love high tea. So civilized.

    I've never had a facial and always wanted one. Another item on the long list of girl-activities I crave. Maybe someday...

  2. I love the photos you took!! They look really professional.

    Hey, You know now a a days a man having a facial is sooo not girlie anymore!! It is simply taking care of yourself!! Go try one ;)

  3. Wow that tea looks fantastic.

  4. Oh, I want to do a high tea too...no such place in Port Elizabeth and it looks fabulous. You look great even without makeup.


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