Monday, August 8, 2011


A little rant ... when 'followers' was not showing, it was no problem commenting on other blogs, but since the 'followers' are showing again, I'm having endless issue posting comments.  Although I'm signed it, it keeps asking me to sign in, then says I don't some permission or other.  Heck, I'm about done with Blogger at this point - maybe it's time to toddle on over to wordpress?!!!!


  1. I'm sorry, buddy. Tech snafus are so infuriating. Hope you find an answer to it.

  2. What a mess blogger is... Maybe you have more than one profiles to log in? Try using another one? (e.g. Yahoo, google, e.t.c.). Just saying!

  3. Ag ja, blogger - what can we say. Since I installed Disqus things have been better - although some people find that a problem too.

  4. Hi Wendy - I have been visiting - just not always able to leave a comment - On a completely different note - did you know that Contempo are having their sale (same as many other places), but also have less 25% - they still have some really lovely stuff - Lots of love


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