Wednesday, June 22, 2011


How my day looked thus far :

04:10 - woke up
04:30 - still awake
05:00 - still fighting the 'wakeness'
05:05 - got up, read over first half of papers
05:50 - went and cuddled with G-man
06:05 - Bean brought us coffee and we had a chat about 'the boyfriend' and 'the relationship'
06:15-ish - cat threw up in my shoes ... rotflol ... G-man said the cat is really letting me know that he does
            not like my shoes
07:00 - took kids to school
Present - typing this before I head down to grab some coffee
Future : 08:00 - read through notes for the last time
             12:00 - fetch bean from school
              13:20 - head to school to write exam

From now til then - trust that the most important info stays in the brain and is asked in the paper.

Have a fabulous day ... be warm, be smart, be stylish


  1. If I ever don't like your shoes, I promise to just say that and not vomit in them. :)

  2. I trust that all went well with the exam. Sjoe, I would be exhausted if I woke at that time of the morning.

  3. Opps ref the cat. hide the shoes xx


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