Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dotty wild days

I did not photograph yesterdays outfit nor todays - but todays was ueber casual jeans and a shirt since I was having my hair done.  It's really dark and I think the new style is a welcome change - but not too drastic.  I'll do pics of that tomorrow.  I must admit, I have a serious weakness for red shoes and especially these one's.  I have a another pair the same but in grey. 

Details : Skirt - Mr Price | Shirt : Contempo | Blazer : Truworths | Shoes : Rage | Belt and bangles : Edgars|

A little on the wild side
I absolutely fell in love with this top when I spied it in Foschini a couple months ago but this is only the second time I've worn it. 

Detail : Top - Oasis at Foschine | Pants : Truworths | Cardigan : Sasha | Shoes : Truworths |

Can you believe it?  I've spent no money on clothing, shoes or accessories this past month.  I had such a rough month with all the holidays and being a contractor means now work, no pay.   My budget took a serious beating.  This will be another rather tight month as I do some catching up - but I'll be doing my best to keep my shopping under control for at least another month or two.  I do believe I have enough clothing and will only need some pantihose/tights.  As much as I'm lusting after a pair of flat black boots, they'll have to wait.  I also held off on my usual craziness of magazine purchases, especially since I really should have studied my school work instead of the fashion pages ;-). 

The nails need to be done, the outfit needs to be pulled out and some reading of my study notes needs to get done and it's past 9pm ... hope y'all had a stunning day.  One more day then it's weekend.

Be fabulous, be stylish, be a little wild !


  1. Love the wild top, love the red shoes. Most of all, I love looking at pictures of you!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous...if you lived here I would make you my stylist;-)


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