Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freezing on Thursday

Am I ever thankful that I don't rely on public transport!!  Today was cold and I'm pretty spoilt because I walk out our back door and take about 10 steps into the garage where my little chorrie is parked, then drive to work and park in the basement, right at the door to the lift access and really don't deal with much wind factors or such.  It's on days like today that I'm grateful that I don't have to brave the elements on a daily basis.

This evening though, sitting here at my pc, my little fingers are freeeeeeezing, so I'm doing this post quickly, then I'm going to hit the shower, put out the clothes for tomorrow and then crawl under the covers and read through some more of my notes for next weeks exam.

Ah, see our lounge in the background

Details : Striped to : Pick 'n Pay | Cardigan : Truworths | Black pants : Finnigans and Truworths | Boots : Truworths | Bangles & Necklace : I think Mr. Price and Edgars|

... and one more pic just because I can ...


  1. That jersey looks so warm and snuggly...Yes, the necklace came from Mr Price - quite recently (well since I have been reading your blog) - I remember you buying it and the first time you wore it - It is lovely..Lots of love

  2. Love the flower and the color of your hair.

  3. Im sorry, I cant stand the cold either! I hope you have a warm, snuggly and happy night!

  4. What a beautiful cozy-looking outfit! I agree, I'm glad I don't have to battle the elements anymore. I've dealt with trekking through snow, pushing cars stuck in snowbanks, and sliding on ice, and I guess I'd rather deal with high temperatures for months on end. ;)

  5. Lovely post! I love the last pic and your lounge! Stop by my blog and pick a lovely award that's for you!! Kisses dear! :)

  6. this is a great look on you. those pants make your legs look a mile long! stay warm!!

  7. I love what you did with the necklace and flower, Wendy! Very creative!

    Ooh, I feel for you down there, going into winter! Sending you warm vibes. :)

  8. Stunning outfit...and it looks warm and cozy too!

    Lekker naweek vriendin...ek hoop jy kry sommer hope rustyd.

  9. Thanks y'all for the sweet comments.

    Lynette - No rest for the wicked .. lol ... am heading off here in a minute to do more studying, exam is on Thursday! Hope you got some scrapping done and had a stunning weekend.

    Linda-Maree - thanks for remembering. you know how it goes, you remember buying it, but after a while, no label means it's hard to remember ... lol. Hope you're warm and snuggly.

    Lookie there - 27 follows, creeping up slowly but surely.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend - mine's been great thus far ... now to go and study.

    Catch y'all later.

  10. About the public transport - I couln't agree more. We have to look at what we have and REALLY count our blessings and be grateful

  11. oooh, ja, its freezing here too and very wet. am eternally grateful that my garage is attached to the house ... particularly as getting 3 little people in the car can be time consuming!

    love your winter look, so cosy and feminine. You work magic with that necklace and flower!


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