Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wardrobe dilemma

At the change of season, I always find it fun to unpack what's been put away for the last 6 months.  There are always at least 3 or 4 surprises - items you completely forgot you had.  I just went and fished out my winter jackets and shirts and had a few surprises and 'ah, so glad you're still here ol' friend' moments - and then it hit me - my wardrobe is seriously not big enough and my room does not have enough space for another thing - what to do? what to do? what to do!!??  Going to have to put a bit thought into this as I really don't want to have to split my clothing between upstairs and downstairs, which I already do in part, but that way it's just a total drag.  But, it seems like the only way right now - unless I convince Graeme to put his stuff upstairs and so far, no amount of begging, pleading our doey sad eyes have worked.  Sigh!

Still, it is nice to see some comfy cozy favourites again.  Enjoy the change in season and the falling leaves or blooming trees.


  1. I have the SAME issues no room! My husband is always pointing out where the halfway mark is in our closet and how my stuff goes WAAAAY over it!:)

  2. Tell G. he has the choice to either put his stuff upstairs and pay for a new extension to the house... :)

  3. LOL! You need to extend your home! You have to have a whole room just for clothes.

  4. Its the knees that prevent it my love! Oh and @shybiker... the extensions are coming...eventually. I do see a serious lack already though

  5. Great to hear from you, Graeme!

    I understand the knees-thing; I make unintentional odd noises just reaching for stuff. Last month, I strained my shoulder trying to roll down a car passenger window from the driver's seat. How unglamorous an injury...

    One thing we men need to learn is how important clothes are to women. During a renovation of my house last year, I added a new, full-sized room just for my wife's clothes -- and that closet is her favorite spot in the house. She spends hours in there and shows it off to all her friends. Women view clothes differently than men and it's valuable to realize that.


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