Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're back safe and sound.  It was good, but I am suffering from a serious case of 'numb-bum' after 400kms+ daily on the bike.

We did a serious amount of riding this weekend, which of course is the point of the trip.  The sights are gorgeous, but there is just not enough time to stop to photograph all the beautiful scenery.  Mountains still take my breath away. 

We had breakfast in Clarens on Saturday morning, then got on the bikes and rode through Golden Gate National Park and made our way to Kestrell and then to anothe little town, trying our best to avoid roads with major works going on, but it seemed impossible.  We eventually made our way to Little Switzerland in the Drakensberg, but Graeme and I chose to ride on and made out way down into the valley.

We then met up with the group and rode to Bergville and made our way back to Clarens.  It was a long day in the saddle and I do believe I will never become a cowgirl.

Ons het lekker gekuir, dan was dit bed tyd ... and this morning we were in the saddles and headed home.  I wish there was more time for exploring though.

Visit here for photos of our trip.


  1. Sounds grand. Looking forward to hearing more after you get some rest.

  2. Sounds like your trip was good for the soul.



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