Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7th - Grey day

I do so love this skirt ... and here it is again.

New photo venue ...
I styled it with my fave grey t-shirt - Jet, my pink waterfall cardigan - Edgars, grey belt - Edgars and grey courts - Mr. Price.  Necklace by Miz T and earrings from Miladys.

Trying to show the sleeve of the t-shirt

Just me 'n my lacy sleeve
 I tried mixing it up a little compared to it's previous outings as worn here, here and here.  I think my new necklace with the bright pink flower would have worked pretty well, but I'm missing my dd and I always feel closer to her when I wear the items she hand made for me :-).

Hope your day was awesome ... tomorrow I'll show off my 'everybody everywear' polka dots.

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  1. I love your smiling fashion-pictures but I'm equally drawn to your unsmiling natural ones. They exhibit a different, believably real side to you.

    It's as if we were drinking tea together and I was looking at your face while you talked about your life. Such glimpses into others' hearts and souls are fodder for deep emotional connection. Thank you for showing us these.


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