Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23 - Black 'n white is always right

I rode into work on the steel stead with G-man, as my car went in for them to sort out creaking window winder and figure out the 'clucking' sound in the back door.  My CC had to sleep over - I hope she's warm and safe.

My hair handled the helmet fairly well and my fringe (bang) behaved.  I REALLY REALLY need to get it cut now.  I also really really need to stop stalling about it, along with visiting the dentist and colouring my hair.

The Information
T-shirt - Fashion Express
Jacket - Truworths
Pants - Truworths
Sandals - Shoe City
Necklace - Miladys
(with matching earrings I'd taken off as I can't wear them with the helmet)
Previous Styling of the jacket
Jacket previously worn


  1. I adore the pop of yellow peeking through! That jacket is such a great piece and can be worn with just about everything! You look so pretty with your hair pulled up!

  2. Good to hear you ride as well as drive. Any chance of us ever seeing pictures of that? Please?

    Nice outfit, btw.

  3. Hi Ralph,

    Graeme rides in on his bike most days to avoid traffic chaos. I found it rather stressful in the traffic but when we can, we do ride together. We actually have a biking weekend coming up next weekend ... we'll be going to Clarens for the weekend on the bike - the trip there is about 444kms (not sure in miles) and I'll post pictures. I must send you the link to my flickr, there are some pics up there.

    Thanks for visiting :-) Hugz

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and telling me about the gift etiquette with those mosaics :)

    love your outfit!

  5. You look very good. It would terrify me to ride bike in the traffic of Jhb.


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