Saturday, March 12, 2011

February 10th & February 11th

Thursday 10th saw me in this outift ...
it's only the second time I've worn this skirt and the first time I've worn this shirt which I bought close on two months ago.  I'm still iffy about this skirt as it creases so badly.

D.d.details : Shirt - Truworths, Skirt - Legit, Belt - Woolworths and sandals from a lifetime ago - Edgars.

Friday 11th I wore my new sale acquisition of skinny jeans and this delicious green t-shirt from Woolworths at 50%, with an extra 10% for card holders and whats even nicer, our school gets a little more because I get these discounts on our My School Card.  Everyone wins!

D.d.details : Shirt, Jeans and Necklace - Woolworths, Booties - Mr. Price.

Let me just add, we had a fire drill and I walked down 6 flights in these killer heels - fun fun fun.

Hope your week has been fabulously stylish.


  1. Love the second outfit the top is a great colour!

  2. I have this inexplicable gravitational pull toward you. Perhaps it's your clothes (I love your style); perhaps it's something else. I don't know why but you draw me in.

    The top in the second outfit is delightful. Sorry 'bout the heels and stairs: I guess it's the price of beauty. :)

  3. You look great! I especially love th blouse in the first picture! Beautiful and comfortable:-)

  4. You're so rockin' those skinny jeans! I wish I had the talent of posing and looking as natural and beautiful in front of the camera as you!

  5. Ralph - you make me feel like I'm fabulous whenever you comment on my blog.
    Comewhinewithme - Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment
    WendyB - They were so cheap I feel almost guilty, but am totally loving them.
    Natalie - girl you rock your photos!!! Believe me. Hugz y'all

  6. You looked wonderful and those boots are so sexy.


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