Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes ... and boots ... to die for

To die for ... shoes and men's shoes and boots ... heck, just go here and look through these posts by Swagger 360 - I'm in envy heaven here.  I have a serious love for shoes.  For the longest time, I have had very few pairs of shoes, and now I'm up to a mere approx. 40 pairs (with some blogs I read, I know that's a pitiful amount in comparison).  I am fairly sure that if I were a billionaire, I'd be the next Imelda Marcus

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  1. There's no shame in shoe-love! It's a relatively victimless crime. :)

    I'd say 40 pairs is a good beginning... Just tell hubby you need to add an extension to the house for a bigger clothes-closet.


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