Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th - Rather severe looking

Today I decided to wear a shirt I asked opinions on back in December around whether or not to keep or toss and thought I should wear it, since I decided to keep it ...

I think I look rather severe, but am not going to harp on about how dissatisfied I am with my pictures - although these I took before work for a change as I left a little later this morning as I needed to stop and pay school fees for the boys and their office only opens at 07:30.

 I used the curling iron on my hair and as can be seen, its not quite the look for me ... lol ... but at least I tried ;-)
The details ... shirt is from Pick 'n Pay (kinda like WalMart here), trousers and blazer - Truworths, shoes Edgars, Necklace - Woolworths, belt - Meltz ... the suns was so bright the belt is barely visible.

This evening I had dinner with my sisters and we were laughing ourselves silly.  Some of our dinners are rather strained and then others, we share and laugh and just have a jolly ol' time ... everyone is dealing with their own things and it's just great that we get to connect once a month.  We've been doing these dinners for two years now and I think we only skipped one month - it's our once a month chance to get together without spouses/partners and children.

One of my sisters is in a divorce, one is dealing with the imminent emmigration of her child, one is having issues and challenges with her child ... I'm dealing with a whole bunch of stuff, but we share a little, laugh a little and for just two hours, we get to connect and it's good, because we did not do this before and before before, I lived abroad ... and now we're older and wiser and calmer and less self-centered and it's just great.

Life sure is short and things change so quickly ... on that note ... connect, make the call, make the time, go pay the visit ... you can spare an hour or two once a month!

Stay smiling and stylish


  1. I love that top belted you look so professional and chic! Beautiful!

  2. I love how much polish the blazer adds to the look, it works so well!


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