Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3rd

I had such a hard time getting a good picture again this afternoon.  Why is it that some days it just doesn't gel?  I think my main complaint is the angle, it just seems off ... but it's better than no photo I guess.

I was not totally thrilled with this look but had run out of time this morning ... I do prefer to have a little try on the night before, or at least make a decision on what to wear, but was tired and did not get around to it last night ... anyways, I'd rate this at about a mediocre 5.5 ... lol.

The skirt is remixed ... worn sometime last year and is from Truworths, the t-shirt is from Fashion Express, Jacket from Mr. Price and shoes I don't remember now.  Necklace is really old from Honey Accessories and is probably from around 1999 at least.

But hey hey  hey, tomorrow is Friday - yippee weekend.

Hope your day is fabulous,


  1. In an ideal world, our outfits are pretty and our pictures are perfect. But we don't live in that world. In fact, I've gotten a lot more respect for professional fashion photography after seeing the messes I've made with photo-shoots. Sometimes it seems a good session happens less often than bad ones.

    With this recognition, we ought to cut ourselves some slack. Life is demanding -- and we don't have assistants running for our tea while talented woman puts on our makeup while a big hairy guy fixes the lighting and an artist with failed dreams takes photographs. We're just one person trying to do everything. Somedays it clicks; somedays it don't.


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