Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8 - Another Maniac Monday

What a start to my week ... flat battery, access card forgotten in my car and had to turn back to fetch it, access to site not arranged for visitors ... but I survived and smiled through it all.

Since I live in Africa and our winters are Very mild my skirts and pants are worn both winter and summer.  Adding stockings and boots is often an overkill.

This skirt for some reason I never got to photograph in winter.   But finally, here is it ... I did not wear much jewellry due to the design on the t-shirt and the pattern in the skirt.  I prefer how I worn it in winter with a green top, purple cardigan and black boots ... but this looks okay.  As Shrek says Donkey, 'it'll do Donkey, it'll do'.

Outfit details
T-shirt, jacket and skirt - Truworths (can you tell how much I like their clothing yet?) ;-)
Sandals - Legit
Basic gold jewellry - earrings, watch and bangles.

Hope your Monday was stunning.

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  1. Great skirt. And the matching top and sandals enhance it.


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